“Shirel Moving” Company exists since 1997 and professionalization transfer apartments and offices. During the years of our activity we have gained experience and knowledge in the field of transportation.

Now includes:

– About 18 professional and skilled employees, including management personnel project managers, sales professionals and employees in the field.

– Total fleet of large trucks and closed-hull hydraulic telescopic cranes MKG to 32 meters, with a lifting capacity of 7.5 tones, crane trucks and cranes ladder reach a height of 12 floors. In addition, it uses special cages, ramps, strollers and other equipment necessary for safe transportation and smooth.

– External elevator lifting equipment high floors

– Professional carpenters to dismantle and train furniture, which can provide a solution for complex jobs.

– Professional teams and special communications transmission equipment, computers and servers, including communications equipment cover.

– Specialize in transporting computers and delicate equipment, including office furniture.

– Ability to make available vehicles of any kind to work on a monthly basis. Protected warehouses and approved by the Standards Institute and storage options for different volumes.

– Discharge packaging services by professional packing.

– The experience we gained during years of work, which can help your company consulting and planning logistics subject matter.

– License licensed by the ministry of transport. Leads license.

– Insurance and liability from 200$ to 100,000 NIS per truck except words of art, glass and marble plasma, LCD and LED.

We invite you to join our many satisfied customers. Glad to offer advice and guidance.

Internet address: www.shirelhovalot.co.il

Email: info@shirelhovalot.co.il


Jacob Zaurov

“Shirel Moving Comp”


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